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Unlock your potential for wealth and abundance with the Money Magnet Dressed Candle. Designed for those who seek financial upliftment, this candle is your ally in manifesting prosperity. Its metaphysical properties are crafted to align your energy with the vibrations of wealth, aiding in the attraction of financial opportunities and success. Light it to pave your path toward financial freedom, enhancing your focus and intention on wealth accumulation. Perfect for use in meditation or daily affirmation practices. A tool for growth, not a guarantee of results. (Results may vary.)

Money Magnet Dressed Candle: Attract Wealth & Prosperity

PriceFrom $17.50
    • Choose a Quiet Spot: Select a calm and undisturbed area to ensure the energy around your candle remains positive and focused on your intentions.
    • Set Your Intention: Before lighting the candle, take a moment to clearly define your goals and what success means to you. Holding this intention in mind will amplify the candle's metaphysical properties.
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